Teak is renowned for being the worlds best wood for outdoor furniture because of it’s high oil content. It will weather to a beautiful silver grey colour and last for many years.
Teak, like all timbers contains natural tannings. We would not recommend that you place your furniture on to a porous surface such as a flagstone patio during the initial weathering process. Small amounts of tanning may leech out of the timber during the first few rain showers only.

Weathering process -
During the first 12 months of weathering you may find that the grain lifts slightly, and that small cracks may appear on the end grains. Please rest assured this will not affect the structure of your furniture and that the grain lifting will subside over time. You can remove this effect by rubbing down the wood using some fine sand paper during the initial weathering. Over
time the teak will weather naturally to a smooth silvery grey.

Cleaning -
A solution of clothes washing powder and water or teak cleaners with a stiff scrubbing brush can be used. If required, the wood can be lightly sanded, when dry, using a fine grade sandpaper and scourer.

Treatments -
We recommend leaving furniture to weather naturally to an elegant silver grey.
If you would like to treat your wood, then there are various teak oils and water based treatments on the market which can be applied. It is important to understand that nearly all these treatments must be reapplied as a continuous routine every 2 to 6 months. For a longer term treatment we recommend the use of a marine varnish. By using the marine varnish you are able to achieve a matt finish by polishing the varnish after the final application is dry using wire wool and then applying a thin layer of teak oil.
Before using these treatments we recommend that you seek detailed advice from the appropriate manufacturer and test on a small area of teak before complete application to ensure that you are happy with the finish.
IMPORTANT : Before applying / reapplying any treatments please note that the teak must be completely clean and free from any colour variations / black spots. This may require a degree of sanding. Customers should be aware that applying a treatment to furniture made of teak which is not even in colour will emphasize this difference.

Covering -
Please note that if you intend you cover your teak furniture you must ensure that it is well ventilated. If not, then the teak cannot breathe, and mould spots can develop.
We are sorry but can not accept responsibility or liability for any damage caused to the product due to treatment.



All timber, when exposed to moisture and changes in temperature has a tendency to split on the end grains. This is a perfectly natural process and you may notice cracks opening and closing in your furniture as the seasons change. This is part of the process of your wood furniture stabilizing in the outdoor environment and will in no way affect the strength or longevity of your furniture. You may also notice that the grain lifts, this will also wear back over time, but you can remove this using a fine grade sandpaper. The oak will naturally weather to a beautiful silver grey so evocative of the English garden.

Cleaning -
We recommend cleaning the product once every 6 months using either a stiff brush or jetwash at a 1m distance, with a warm water and clothes washing powder solution. This will prevent any mould / mildew build up on the furniture.
We recommend testing any treatments on a small unseen area of the product to make sure that you are happy with the dry finish. Please follow manufacturers instructions carefully when applying any treatment.
We are sorry we cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused to the product due to treatment..



Glass Care
All glass table tops are made from 8mm thick tempered glass. This means that should the glass top break it will do so into small pieces with round edges. Care should still be taken whenever moving the position of the glass. When cleaning your glass table top we would recommend using a clean static free cloth with a proprietary window cleaner. Alternatively you can use a small quantity of vinegar and newspaper.



Lloyd Loom Care
We recommend removing dust from lloyd loom furniture,using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. To clean use a weak mix of warm water and washing up liquid. Gently clean with a soft cloth or sponge and dab dry


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